Benefits For You

  • • License Stays ACTIVE
  • • No Board Dues
  • • No MLS Fees
  • • No Office Fees
  • • No Monthly Fees
  • • No Desk Fees
  • • No E & O Fees
  • • No Lockbox/Supra Fees
  • • No Hidden or Surprise fees
  • • Earn Income From Referrals
  • • Get 30% referral instead of 25% average
  • • Get 35% referral on new construction
  • • Recruit/Refer Agent Bonus $200 per closing
  • • Pay only $60 per year for annual administration
  • • Live anywhere in the world
  • • Earn money on previous customers
  • • No Office Duty/ No Sales Meeting


What is Premier Coast Referral Realty?

Premier Coast Referral Realty is a real estate brokerage company licensed in the state of Florida. The focus is to provide a platform where non-practicing real estate agents can park their hard earned real estate license, generating income through referrals, while the license stays ACTIVE.

What is a Referral Agent?

A Referral Agent is a licensed real estate agent whose services are limited to referring clients for the purposes of commencing a real estate transaction. They do not actively solicit or engage in the sale of property.

How do I know if I should join?

If you do not actively sell real estate but want to maintain an active license, we are perfect for you. You may still refer your family, friends and customers to any real estate agent or brokerage throughout the world.

Do I have to join the local MLS, Real Estate Board or NAR?

No. Agents who join Premier Coast referral Realty are not REALTOR® members and do not have access to the MLS.

Do I have to continue to take CE Education?

Yes. Agents who join are required to keep their license active which includes taking the required CE education for renewal.

What if I decide to go back into selling Real Estate?

Just email or call us to let us know….it’s that easy. We would love the opportunity to be in business with you with Premier Coast Realty.

What are the advantages of "parking" my license with Premier Coast Referral Realty?

You don't have to pay any monthly fees, Board dues, MLS fees, Lockbox/Supra fees, Errors and Omissions insurance, desk fees, or any other "nickel & dime" fees. You can keep your license active that you've worked long and hard to obtain and continue to use it to generate income while you pursue projects, go on maternity leave, change careers, travel, move, or just to take a well-deserved break.

Who can join?

Any Florida real estate licensee living anywhere in the U. S. or the world with an active, inactive, or a new license.

Is there an application fee or a registration fee to join?

No, we do not charge a fee for applying or registering.

Do you charge a fee for holding my license?

Yes, we charge an annual administration fee of only $60. It is due at the time of joining and on your subsequent anniversary dates.

Can I have a full time job?

Absolutely! Premier Coast Referral Realty was created for people just like you who have chosen not to pursue real estate as a full-time career, or who are changing their occupation, or are retiring from full-time work as a real estate agent.

How do I make a commission?

You refer someone who wants to buy, sell, or invest in real estate to an agent of your choice in any participating real estate company or you can ask us to place that person with an agent. After a sales transaction, we receive a referral fee and then we pay you for your portion of the commission.

What is the commission split?

From a referral fee check (the amount that was pre-negotiated 30% of the selling commission), you keep 75% and we keep 25% for the administrative/broker fee.


  • $350,000 sales price x 3% commission to Selling Broker = $10,500
  • 30% Referral fee = $3,150
  • 75% of Referral fee paid to you ($3,150 x .75) = $2,362.50

How soon can I receive my referral fee commission after closing?

Within 24 hours of receiving the commission check, you will receive your portion.

How do I explain my role as an agent to a potential buyer or seller?

Let them know that you are a "Referral Agent" who can refer them to a qualified agent that you think would best represent them. You are a "matchmaker" so-to-speak. As a real estate professional you know the agents who could best take care of their real estate needs.

Do I still have access to the MLS and Supra lockbox key?

No. As a referral agent, you are not allowed to actively practice real estate. You will not be showing properties, listing properties, suggesting a listing price, or take part in any sales or leasing transactions.

What types of properties can I refer people to purchase or sell?

Single-family homes, condos, town-homes, land, and commercial real estate.

What about new construction referrals?

Allow us to make the introduction to the builder with your customer referral. We will handle the rest.

Can I make rental referrals?

If you know an agent that will pay a referral on a rental, then yes. Typically, agents will not pay referrals on rentals because there is so little commission involved. But at least you will be assisting your client with their needs and when they are ready to buy, perhaps they will call you!

What happens if I don’t know any agents to refer my clients to?

Leave it up to Premier Coast Referral Realty to handle everything for you.

What do I need to do to sign up with Premier Coast Referral Realty?

Call us at 904-404-9797 or email us at It’s easy as 1, 2 , 3!

What is total start up costs?

There are no local or national board memberships to join, just a $60.00 annual administration fee. It's that easy!

Join Our Family

Grace and peace to you!

Welcome to Premier Coast Referral Realty, LLC! We are grateful and honored to be in business with you! We will keep your hard earned real estate license ACTIVE.

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere to allow referral licensees to earn income through a reliable and positive referral network while providing a win-win-win platform.

To join our family is easy as 1,2,3.

  • 1. Call Us 904-404-9797
  • 2. Email Us at
  • 3. Visit us at 9424 Baymeadows Road Suite 110, Jacksonville, Florida 32256

We can email you the required documents also for you to fill out and email or fax back to us at 904-562-3434.

Let’s have a prosperous future together!

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